Show #260 – August 23, 2015

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Miss PiggyWhat a humongous show this week! First, JD Hansel stays true to his word and re-records the new MuppetCast intro (with some coaching from yours truly). Next, Joanna May Hunkins from the Cleveland Stage Alliance joins me to talk about the upcoming show The Electric Mayhem: A Musical Tribute to Jim Henson. Get your tickets here.

Jarrod Fairclough and JD Hansel join me to talk about all the recent Sesame and Disney Muppet news, and it became an amazing, far-reaching, deep discusison of several Muppet topics. Our talk spanned from our favorite Maria moments from Sesame Street, to Disney’s seemingly changed attitude toward the Muppet performers, to the painful psyche necessary for Miss Piggy to really “work” as a character.

The Cleveland Stage Alliance

The Cleveland Stage Alliance is an organization dedicated to providing theatergoers with up-to-date information regarding any and all locally produced theatre in the Northeast Ohio region. They have a weekly newsletter containing updates on everything going on in Cleveland theatre.

Episode Guests

Jarrod Fairclough lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is the Editor in Chief of The Muppet Mindset. With over 1,400 articles, over 2 million total visitors, 30 interviews, and six years of service, The Muppet Mindset is dedicated to spreading the joy of the Muppets and providing Muppet fans with an outlet to express their fandom.

JD Hansel is the host of Eleven Point Collar, and the owner of MuppetHub, one of the fastest growing Muppet fansites.

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