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D23 2015 Muppets Panel

The Muppets and their Performers at the 2015 D23 Expo.

This week I’m proud to present the audio from “The Magic Behind the Muppets”, the premier Muppet presentation from Disney’s D23 Expo held in Anaheim, CA. This audio is barely over 48 hours old at this point, and the presentation was a humongous success for the Muppets at the Expo. Both performers and puppets were onstage, and a few lucky fans even got into the act, getting to perform puppet characters alongside Steve Whitmire and Kermit the Frog!

I Need Your Help

The MuppetCast is looking for people with a passion for the Muppets to step up and help take things to the next level. Specifically there is a need for people to assist with writing news articles, upcoming events, and blog posts. Please email me if you’re interested in becoming a part of the website. We’d love to have you!

About The D23 Expo

Started in 2009, the bi-annual D23 Expo celebrates everything Disney under one roof. The very, very large roof of the Anaheim Convention Center. The three-day event provides one-of-a-kind fan experiences that put Disney fans up close and personal with the people, places, movies, and characters from some of the best-loved properties of all time. Celebrity appearances, extravagant presentations, and surprises around every corner are the norm at this event, where fans reminisce over Disney’s past, and get a glimpse of what’s coming. The Muppets have played a part at every Expo so far.

Sam’s Disney Diary

Sam is the creator of Sam’s Disney Diary, a video series based on his travels in the Disney parks. Sam loves documenting his time at Walt Disney World and Disneyland and sharing his vacations with you via his YouTube channel. He is also the cohost of the Disney Nerds Podcast.

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The Muppets on ABC

The Muppets are coming! Set your DVRs to ABC on September 22, 2015 at 8pm (7pm Central).

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