Show #182 – November 14, 2010

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We’ll call this Part 1 of a two-part episode in which we meet lots of new and old friends following their dreams in the world of comic books! I recently had the opportunity to meet and talk with these folks and more at the 2010 Mid-Ohio Comic Con. You should click over to their links below, follow them on Facebook, and get acquainted with these people, because they want to get to know you! Many of the artists below also happily do Muppet commissions, so you can get yourself some custom Muppet artwork.

The MuppetCast is sponsored by The Fingerbucket Report and Bell, Book & Comic. Life should be more Fun!

Guests in this episode include (in order of appearance):
Katie Cook (Fraggle Rock, Star Wars)

David Petersen (Mouse Guard, Fraggle Rock, Muppet Show)

Enrica Jang (New Comic Book: Azteca)

Joel Jackson and James Moore (Radio Free Gahanna, Coco Fiasco)

Jesse Rubenfeld (“Muppets Last Supper” artist, Into The Dust)

Phil Machi (Retail Sunshine)

Amanda Elliott (The Adventures of Vampire Kitty and Space Bat)

Mark LeMieux (New Comic Book: MUTE)

Brian Roe (Yva)

Josh Lyman (Comic Book Artist)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the big Mid-Ohio Con extravaganza!

Thanks for listening! Questions/Comments about the Muppets or The MuppetCast can be emailed to, or called in to the voicemail line at 614-364-4270. Follow the show on Twitter and join the Facebook page too!

Have a great week!


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