Muppets Electric Mayhem Kodachrome

Muppet Mayhem Colors the Holiday Season with “Kodachrome”

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Muppets Electric Mayhem KodachromeThe New Year brings more Muppety goodness in the form of a new Muppets music video. A cover music video of past Muppet Show guest star Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” has been posted to the Muppets YouTube page, this time featuring the Electric Mayhem in a live concert setting, while updating the song meaning with a modern take.

The video was directed by Kirk Thatcher, a recent guest and friend of The MuppetCast. In a featured article on the Disney blog, Kirk talks about about his time working with the Muppets and Henson Company. He also dishes details on the making of the video, saying, “As to how they chose ‘Kodachrome,’ we knew Paul Simon was a friend of the Muppets. We had talked about something with Muppets doing selfies and ‘Kodachrome’ is about pictures and about how pictures look better than your memory. We had also talked a long time about doing an Electric Mayhem live concert piece. But there’s no way to wedge it into the movies or the show, so we decided to do the short video like that, with the screens behind them showing the selfies.” While the “Kodachrome” video was shot on the same day as “Jungle Boogie,” it’s coming out later due to the lengthy post-production process. “It took six hours to shoot and it’s taken six months to edit,” Thatcher said.

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