Show #34 – December 2, 2007

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Welcome to this Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas special episode of The MuppetCast! We’ll take a good look at Emmet Otter this week, and even talk to some people who have some special connections to this great Christmas special.

Remember that you still have one week to enter the MuppetCast Christmas Contest! See the website for details. The cutoff date for contest submissions is December 8.

The MuppetCast is sponsored as always by Bell Book & Comic. Life should be more fun!

Some of the background Christmas music you hear in the podcast both this week and last week was taken from the Podsafe Music Network. Good music, make sure to give them a listen!

Joe the Talking Mute sent two links to FREE Muppet icons for your computer! I believe they work with both PC and Mac, so get them here and here.

Along with recounting some great moments from Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, we hear from musican Matt Surowiec and hear some of his Emmet Otter 30th Anniversary Tribute CD.

We also get to hear from Dave Goelz, in an exclusive interview done while he was in Colubmus, OH. Dave was in Columbus presenting a special, unedited screening of Emmet Otter. We even hear from Gonzo!

(Dave also remembered, and wanted me to tell everyone, that he built the Snake character, along with the others that he mentioned in the podcast.)

Hopefully you’ll agree that this episode serves as a fitting tribute to a great Christmas special, and you’ll take some time and watch it all over again this holiday season.

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Have a great week!


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