Show #286: Building a Puppet Empire, with James Kemp

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Seven years ago, I received a YouTube link from MuppetCast listener James Kemp. This (at the time) 16-year old Muppet fan caught my attention with this video, and I kept my eye on his progress ever since.

Not bad, right?

James has progressed far beyond what I’d expect from most puppetry enthusiasts, but that’s because James contains far more talent and personal drive than most people his age. Now 23 years old, he’s building professional grade puppets and performing in national commercial campaigns, like this one.

James Kemp, Puppeteer

His company is James Kemp Puppets. His YouTube channel is full of puppet performance videos and talks. And, along with producer David Hosay, he co-runs Sublime Puppets. James is an example of how hard work, dedication, and constant development lead to opportunities…sometimes truly unbelievable ones.

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