Show #282: The 2016 Muppet Madness Champion

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The 2016 Muppet Madness Tournament celebrates its finale by crowning Uncle Deadly as the Muppet Madness Champion (also known this year as the Muppet Madness President). A more maniacally fitting character for such terrible and awesome power, there never could be. JD Hansel joins me one last time as we toast a successful tournament, and celebrate a few more good times.

The 2016 Muppet Madness Tournament

The Muppet Madness Tournament was shaped to look like a somewhat “traditional” Presidential election cycle this year. Naturally, it looked nothing like a traditional Presidential election in the end. The Muppet characters truly made the game their own, and Muppet fans everywhere helped them do it!

For more information on the Muppet Madness Tournament, visit the tournament page on the Muppet Wiki.

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