Show #212 – "Have Fun"

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After more than four years, The MuppetCast has come to an end.

This is the most difficult episode I’ve ever produced, but I hope it appropriately expresses how thankful I am, for your listening support and your friendship over this amazing span of time we’ve shared. You’ve given me something special that’s difficult to define, but it’s a very special feeling in my heart.

There’s much more to say, but hopefully I’ve said it well enough in the podcast. Thank you so much, once again.

As Jim used to say instead of goodbye, “Have Fun”.


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Steve is a lifelong Muppet fan. He is the owner of FanPress, a media company specializing in telling inspiring stories in fandom. He is also a musician, songwriter, and teacher. Currently his favorite instrument is the ukulele. As such, he recently launched UcanUke, a music coaching website, where students of all ages and skill levels can learn in personalized online lessons.

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  1. Hey Steve! Thanks for having me on episode #202 and the 2nd to last episode #211.5! Good luck in your future endeavors with your own music!! ­čÖé

  2. Very sad to see the show end after I just started listening in September. Best of luck in pursuing music. #212 was a wonderful sendoff.

  3. As a Listener from when the first episode was uploaded i have to thankyou Steve for all that you have brought to the Muppet Community through this wonderful Podcast.

    My own interest in the muppets has been sidelined in the past few years, and i definatly dont listen as often as i used to due to outside factors in my own life and understand that despite all the passion sometimes you have to put yourself first. The Muppets will always be near and dear to both our hearts, as well as all the fans and let us be greatful for the time that we all spent together through this show.

    Thanks again for the great podcast again and i wish you all the best in all future endeavors.

  4. Why are you ending the show?! I loved the shows, I’ll miss them a lot! Well Sometime I’ll have to visit you in Columbus while I’m on one of my car trips. This reminds me of my favorite song “Rainbow Connection”. See Ya!

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