Show #209 – "They Were Golf Club Covers"

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Good grief, it’s another podcaster! I met fellow Muppet fan and podcaster Scott Murray during my recent trip to Walt Disney World (at the Muppet store no less!), and I’m glad to have him as this week’s special guest. We talk about, what else, Disney World and Muppets, and also how you can get some cool custom-made Muppet merch at the parks!

Check out Scott’s work on The Critic Show podcast.

We also get into the Halloween season a bit with some spooky and scary Muppet songs. Got any requests? Send them in!

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Have a great week!


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Steve is a lifelong Muppet fan. He is the owner of FanPress, a media company specializing in telling inspiring stories in fandom. He is also a musician, songwriter, and teacher. Currently his favorite instrument is the ukulele. As such, he recently launched UcanUke, a music coaching website, where students of all ages and skill levels can learn in personalized online lessons.

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  1. Here’s some Halloween-related Muppet tracks that I would love to hear on The MuppetCast:

    -Witches Cooperate (Sesame Street Season 4 sketch)
    -So Happy Together (from The Muppet Show)
    -Jabberwocky (from The Muppet Show)
    -Stand By Me (Big Mean Carl viral video)
    -Sclrap Flyapp (Ed Sullivan Show sketch)
    -Monster Family (Ed Sullivan Show sketch)
    -Hugga Wugga (from The Muppet Show)
    -I Want a Monster to Be My Friend (from Sesame Street)
    -Welcome to My Nightmare (from The Muppet Show)
    -School’s Out (from The Muppet Show)
    -The Computer Dinner (Ed Sullivan Show sketch)
    -House of Horrors Sketch (from The Muppet Show)

  2. Hi-ho, Steve Swanson!

    I listened to this episode and I have a What-Not kit and made a sister named Sherin and The Muppet Show and The Muppets on DVD. I love the Muppets as much as you do. Bye!

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