Show #208 – "Having Talent Certainly Helps"

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Nicholas Lemon is about to change your life. That is, if you want to be a professional puppeteer and are looking for a curriculum and a school to attend where you can learn what a top puppeteer needs to know, then he’s about to change your life (if you want to be a chef he cannot help you). Through his company Lemon Productions, he is offering North America’s first ACTORS ACADEMY FOR THE PUPPERTY ARTS, where you as an actor or puppeteer can stretch your abilities through ongoing training to compete in the business of professional puppetry.

For more information or to enroll, contact TAAPA through this link. And tell ’em The MuppetCast sent you!

Thanks to Nic Kramer too, for sending and recommending some great material to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, the visionary behind Apple computers and much of today’s leading technology. Jobs passed away this week, and his influence even spread a bit into the Muppet world.

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