Show #200 – April 11, 2011

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Unbelievable. The 4-Year Anniversary.

This episode wound up becoming Part 1 of a two-part endeavor to look back at some of my personal favorite Muppet moments, as well as taking the rare opportunity to re-examine some personal highs experienced while producing the podcast. Lots of (hopefully entertaining) stories and such. It’s my attempt to give you, my friend in the audience, a look at The MuppetCast through my eyes.

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    I’m going to release Part 2 in yet another week. BUT, in the meantime, for this next show I’m going to play the full audio of my coverage of the special Sesame Street/USO event held last week in Columbus, OH…with special guest speaker Michelle Obama.

    Oh, and there’s this guy Nick Jonas who also sings a song, but I’ve never heard of him before ­čÖé

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