Show #192 – February 6, 2011

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Ryan Dozier from The Muppet Mindset joins me this week as we run down a list of some of our favorite Muppets Tonight characters, followed by just a few clips out of this wonderful series. If you’ve never watched Muppets Tonight, you can start today on YouTube, right here.

This announcement also contains a big, big announcement: starting sometime later this month, I’ll be debuting a brand-new podcast (while still continuing The MuppetCast), co-hosting with Window To The Magic‘s Paul Barrie and Communicore Online‘s Shane Roberts! This is gonna be a heckuva ride…

The MuppetCast is sponsored by The Fingerbucket Report, and Bell, Book & Comic. Life should be more Fun!

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  1. Hi Steve. I really love listening to your podcast. Good job. I was hoping you had included clips from the Sandra Bullock episode; specifically the classic “phenomenon” (doo-doo DOO-doo-doo) sketch and the ratings or explode subplot . Good job. Take care.

  2. Author

    That’s a great clip! The only reason I didn’t play it is that I’ve included it on several earlier shows, and I try not to repeat audio clips too often (even though I’m sure I wind up doing it often enough).

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