Show #170 – Road Trip to NY #2

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We make it to New York this week, with the “Muppet Vault” fan meet held on July 25, 2010 in Brooklyn. This was a fun-filled afternoon spent with more Muppet fans than we ever expected! Thanks to everybody who came out and made this such a special event. We’ll definitely do this again soon!

In case you weren’t there, we proudly present OUR portions of the event (meaning, we can’t really show a lot from the actual videos we screened here in the vidcast). We hope you understand. Anyway, you can see most of this stuff on YouTube.

So enjoy the fan meet! Call me at 614-364-4270 and tell me what you thought of it, or email with your comments.

Next week, even more cool Muppet stuff to do in NYC!

Have a great week.


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