Show #168 – June 27, 2010

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Time for the pretty-much annual MuppetCast Salute to America! This extensive episode includes tons of Muppet audio pieces that reference the US States, and every year we get closer and closer to having Muppet audio for every single one! Special thanks to The Count and everyone over at the Muppet Central Forums for their hard work compiling this list.

Here is the complete track listing for the episode, complete with show or movie source!

America (TMM)
Rowlf in Delaware (TMTM)
Dr. Teeth in Pennsylvania (TMTM)
Pensylvania 6-5000 (TMS)
Mr. Enrico Tortellini (TMTM)
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (TMS)
Big Bird in Bridgeport (SST)
Boston T Party (SST)
The Muppets Take Over Today, Lee Turgid Snipet
Carolina in the Morning (TMS)
The Answer Lady Sketch (SST)
Virginia Virginia Intro (SST)
New York State Of Mind (TMS)
The Wright Brothers/Happiest Man In Town (TMS)
Movin’ Right Along (TMM)
Kentucky Bluegrass (MFS)
Rocky Top (TMS)
Another Ohio (Big Bird in Japan)
Scooter in Ohio (TMTM).
To Morrow (TMS)
Cotton Fields (TMS)
A Boy From Indiana (SST)
Mississippi Mud (TMS)
Oceanview (FTB)
South Potato (SST)
Fozzie in Maine (TMTM)
St. Louis Blues (TMS)
Real Grouches (SST)
Deep In The Heart Of Texas (TMS)
Texas Telly Intro (SST)
Kokomo (Muppet Beach Album)
Gonzo in Michigan (TMTM)
The Remembering Game (SST)
On Wisconsin! (TMS)
Hooray For Hollywood (The Muppets Go Hollywood)
Minnesota Mel Intro (SST)
The Letter of the Day Pageant (SST)
Kansas (MWoO)
My Wish (Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution)
You’re Fired (TMS)
Hola (SST)
Durango Mountain Caballero (Rocky Mountain Holiday)
Are You Smarter Than An Egglayer? (SST)
Wild Bird Chase (FTB)
Danger’s No Stranger (SST)
The Magical Conductor’s Kit Delivery (SST)
Kermit and Piggy’s Date (TMM)
Wyoming Walt Intro (SST).
A-E-I-Oklahoma (SST)
Oklahoma (TMS)
Pueblo Life (SST)
Ragtime Cowboy Joe (The Muppets Go to the Movies)
I Love Alaska (SST)
Ukulele Lady (TMS)
Sam & Friends Promo (S&F)
Puerto Rico (SST)

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