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Sesame Avocados: GreenFruit Partners With Sesame Workshop

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GreenFruit Avocado Sesame StreetTwo years after launching the successful Eat Brighter campaign, Mexico-based avocado marketer GreenFruit Avocados has announced their new partnership with Sesame Street. GreenFruit Avocados plans to reveal its new Sesame Street branded packaging at the 2016 Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit (booth #4457) in Orlando, FL, on October 15.

“Avocado sales have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade but we still have more work to do and it starts with kids,” Brian Gomez, vice president of GreenFruit, said in a press release. “Sesame Street was a natural partnership that will help us develop programs and messaging that focus on avocados as a perfect food for young kids.”

Featuring beloved Sesame character Big Bird, the new product design also displays pictures of kids and easy-to-understand information about the health benefits of avocados. As a result of the increased amount of current research on the health benefits of avocados, pediatricians are now recommending them as one of baby’s first foods.

“As a new Dad, my first thought is always how can I make the best decisions for my family and what information do I trust,” said Gomez. “We believe the ability to partner with an iconic and trusted branded like Sesame Street can have lasting impact on the consumption of not just avocados, but fruits and vegetables in general.”

According to a press release from GreenFruit, research from multiple organizations continues to show that children form connections with characters and mascots from a young age and look to them to role model particular behaviors, including healthy eating.

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The same research indicated that products featuring characters often experience a 2 percent increase in sales. Additionally, GreenFruit reports that branded products, along with packaged products, continue to gain category share. Category data from the Hass Avocado Board indicate that bag sales now account for 17 percent of total avocado sales.

“Dozens of industry organizations are already experiencing double-digit sales increases thanks to the Eat Brighter campaign,” Gomez said in the release. “With the support of many national retailers this is a win-win for our industry.”

GreenFruit Avocados will be available in the Sesame Street branded packaging in mid-October in several count bag varieties and case packs. The GreenFruit Avacado website will also include information on merchandisers, point-of-sale and recipes and activities for children.

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