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Henson 60th Anniversary Costume Contest at Dragon Con

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Yip YipsIn honor of the 60th Anniversary of the Jim Henson Company, a Henson-themed costume contest was recently held at Dragon Con in Atlanta. Participants were encouraged to dress as their favorite Doozer, Muppet, Monster, Goblin, or any other character from a Jim Henson Company production. The contest was judged by Muppeteer Karen Prell, Henson writer/director Kirk Thatcher, and Jim Henson Company Marketing Vice President Nicole Goldman. The event was emceed by puppeteers Jim “Nappy” Napolitano and Stacey Gordon.

Jim Henson creations are always well represented in Dragon Con cosplay. The contest included some magnificent costumes inspired by Labyrinth, The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie, Sesame Street, The Dark Crystal, and Farscape. Check out the gallery below for a sampling of the costumes. Farscape actress Gigi Edgley presented awards for the following:

  • Best Use of Materials: Alexie Schauerte and Dana Elliott as Sarah and Jareth
  • Best Use of Puppetry: Nathan Greer for Oscar the Grouch Puppet
  • Best Under 12: Darwin Harn-Dailey as Oscar the Grouch
  • Best Portrayal of a Theme: Debra Mischke for The Green Coat
  • Honorable Mention: Mary Theresa Moes-Miller as Aughra
  • Third Place: Samantha Douglas and Alyssa Court as Snowths
  • Second Place: John McDonald as Scorpius
  • First Place: Katherine Lomax as Firey
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