JG’s Holiday Muppet Videos for 12/11

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Happy Holidays from JG TheMuppetMan, for those of you that have been following me for the past couple years you’ll know every December I do a thing called Muppetational Christmas where I review a bunch of Muppet specials and things like that and this year is no different! I’ve already started with “My Top 12 Favorite Muppet Christmas Songs” and a review of “The Bells of Fraggle Rock”

Up next is my next two reviews for “The Muppets” 2015 Vlogs: Going Going Gonzo and the Winter finale: Single All the Way

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Born with half a heart, little JG was introduced to the world of Muppets during his second heart surgery and has never stopped being a fan. He's the creator of YouTube show called JG Reviews featuring puppet sidekicks and also regularly reviews Muppet content!

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