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The Muppet Madness 2015 Announcement! – February 22, 2015

Welcome back to the show! It’s been a very, very long time but the podcast is back again. It’s time for the Muppet Madness Tournament! This is the official announcement that the tournament will begin on March 1. At this point, that’s all I know. More information to come very soon (hopefully) from The Owners […]

After The Sax #2 – March 20, 2013

Back with another one! This time it’s all about Muppet Madness, as the 2013 Muppet Madness Tournament has kicked off to a rousing success. Thinking about moving to Florida? Want to know more about how Ashley & I are handling this monstrous task? Let me know and I’ll keep you posted as we gear up […]