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  • Backstage Show #12: “Nobody Dies”…with JD Hansel (2/13/2017) - JD Hansel returns and we take turns making each other laugh at stuff.
  • Show #292: Stupid Turkey (12/19/2016) - Haul out the holly! It’s our Muppetational Holiday Special! This episode is filled with great Muppet Christmas music, and it serves as a tribute to one of the greatest Muppet productions of all time, A Muppet Family Christmas. Enjoy! Thanks For Listening! As always, you can email with any comments or questions about the Muppets, The MuppetCast, or anything ...
  • Show #291: MuppetCast Mailbag Monday (11/7/2016) - Topics include: Full-bodied Muppets, how to become a Muppet performer, and Ernie's new performer.

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